Fine Quality Tea from China and Indonesia
  • Organic Nonpareil She Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea

    Organic Nonpareil She Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea
    Growing area:
    Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang, China
    Spring Tea
    Harvest date:
    March 23, 2016
    Dry leaf:
    Uniform flattened tea leaves, mostly bud with unopened tiny leaf
    Sweet floral, chestnut
    Pale yellowish green
    Smooth, sweet and brisk; no hint of bitterness; aftertaste of this tea is pleasant lingering
    Tea Tree species:
    Jiukeng tea tree species
    Tea garden:
    Cangshan Organic Tea Garden
    Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
    Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
    Shelf Life:
    18 Months

    She Qian Long Jing Tea are picked shortly after the buds sprout. All tea gardens are busy of making the earliest spring tea in March. Made of mostly buds with one unopened leaf, this tea can reach your expectation of both the beautiful brewing tea shape and the organic quality.

    Definition of She Qian

    To understand the name of She Qian, we need to see the components separately. She is 社(shè), which refers to the She Ri festival, and Qian is 前 (qián), same meaning as the word before. So She Qian tea means the tea harvested before She Ri festival.

    The tea picked around March 20 (at the spring equinox) are tender and precious. The temperature during that time is low that cause the slow growing of tea buds sprout, result in limited amount of tea of that high quality.

    Solar Terms

    惊蛰 (Jing Zhe):Around Mar 5, the Waking of Insects ;

    春分 (Chun Fen):Around Mar 20, the Beginning of Spring (spring equinox) ;

    清明 (Qing Ming):Around Apr 5, the well-known Qing Ming Festival ;

    谷雨 (Gu Yu):Around Apr 20, the Grain Rain Festival ;

    Angel's Comment

    Feel the spring atmosphere from this first sip of organic Longjing Tea in the early spring. Enjoy the graceful dancing tea in the tea cup: lively swaying and slowly sinking to the bottom.

    Recommend Brewing Method
    Western Method
    Chinese Gongfu Way
    Teacup: 8.75oz / 250ml
    176℉ / 80℃
    Use 2 Teaspoons / 2 Grams Tea 
    Brewing time: 3 - 5 mins
    Gaiwan: 3oz / 85ml
    176℉ / 80℃
    Use 3 Grams Tea
    5 steeps : rinse,50s,60s,90s,120s,150s
    Gaiwan may be your choice
    Rinsing time is around 5 seconds