Fine Quality Tea from China and Indonesia
  • Organic Green Tea Powder

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    • Origin Place: Lin’an City in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.
    • Harvest Time: May 10, 2016
    • Appearance: fine powders in light green color.
    • Recommended storage condition: refrigeration
    • Taste: complex layers of flavor, with an attractive taste that is brisk and slight bitter.
    • Brewing: recommended to be mixed with honey, sugar, lemon or chocolate.

    When brewing Green Tea Powder, the scale of tea powder to water is 1:80. In order to protect the nutrition in the tea, it’s better to be brewed at the temperature between 60℃ to 80℃. Usually, brewing Green Tea Powder, or Matcha, needs a Chasen (tea whisk, 茶筅 in chinese) to stir the tea liquid to bring out a unique flavor. The rich flavor of Green Tea Powder is given by the abundant amount of chlorophyll and amino acid in the tea.

    Organic Certification