Fine Quality Tea from China and Indonesia
  • Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

    • Grown in Lushan Mountain (庐山) in Jiangxi Province, China
    • Harvest time: April 16, 2016.
    • Lushan Mountain (庐山) in Jiangxi Province
    • Tea Liquid: bight, clean in light green color
    • Flavor: brisk and refreshing, heavy sweet flavor with light roasted chestnut fragrance. Has sweet aftertaste and long-lasting brisk fragrance in your mouth.
    • Low caffeine (Less than 10%’s amount in a cup of coffee)

    The fresh tea leaves of Lu Shan Yun Wu are picked under strict requirement of one bud with one leaf or one bud with two leaves. After processed, the leaves will shape into tight, curly and strong strips. The liquid presents bright and green color while showing brisk fragrance. The scent of roasted chestnut lasts long. This Lu Shan Yun Wu is better to be brewed with big glass. It will has brisk and refreshing flavor and sweet taste. After several steeps, you will see the tea leaves tenderly stretched and showing its soft and light yellow appearance.

    Recommend Brewing Guide:

    Western MethodChinese Gongfu Way
    Teapot: 17oz / 500mlGaiwan: 3oz / 85ml
    176℉ / 80℃176℉ / 80℃
    Use 1 - 2 Tablespoons / 8 Grams TeaUse 4 Grams Tea
    3 - 5 mins3 steeps : 20s,40s,50s
    Teapot may be your choiceGaiwan may be your choice
    Rinsing time is around 5 seconds